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The company has vacancies on power electronics hardware engineers, hardware/software engineers, embedded software engineer, technicians, and supply chain engineers. Please call the company for newest opportunities.

power electronics hardware engineers

Job responsibilities:

1, assume the power electronic products R & D projects and scientific research;

2, the main circuit design of power electronics and control circuit;

3, system simulation and verification;

4,Embedded software programming


1,place of work: Guangzhou; travel;

2, power electronics, electrical automation or related major, good English reading and writing ability;

3, CAD engineering drawings, circuit board software AD6.9, 99SE etc.;

4, proficient in power system and power electronic systems develop and simulation;

5,familiar with MCU, DSP development;

6, the design of power electronic devices have some experience;

7, a driver's license is preferred.

The single board software and hardware engineer:

Job responsibilities

Power system, power electronics and related professional graduates; proficient in DSP software and hardware knowledge,familiar with analog and digital circuit, understand the Matlab simulation tool, UPS, frequency converter; research of active power filter in high power electronic products, development experience is preferred.

Assistant Engineer / technician:


1, machinery and equipment design, including structural design, component selection, design output;

2, to participate in product development, debugging, production work;

3, solve production technical problems in the process of assembling;

4, write technical document.


1, college degree or above in mechanical or electromechanical integration professional qualifications; proficiency in english;

2, more than 3 years working experience related to design;

3, familiar with electrical control theory, to understand the control unit devices and mechanical transmission, hydraulic,pneumatic related knowledge, proficient in Pro-E, Auto, CAD and other related software and office software;

4, conscientious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, good team spirit and communication skills.

PIE engineer:

Job responsibilities

1, determination of standard working hours, verification and validation report submitted to production;

2,The formulation of the  labor efficiency;

3, production flow chart; preparation production line equipment and personnel;

4, to improve the production line staff skills and product production process, improve production efficiency;

5, according to the production line personnel, equipment and technical conditions established the standard of productcapacity;

6, lean production, to improve the production site, tooling and fixture design;

7, help superior with other technical and support work.


1, bachelor degree or above, industrial engineering, electrical and mechanical management or technical related major;

2, at least 3 years working experience in industrial engineering;

3, work a strong sense of responsibility, has the team cooperation spirit;

4,could solve the questions independently, good at communication and coordination.

5, proficiency in computer applications, to master the software such as CAD, good English.

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